The South Florida DX Association was founded in 1974 and its early members were made up of many of the old FLORIDA DX Club, and other established "DXers" in the Miami/Dade, Fort Lauderdale/Broward, and West Palm/Palm Beach area of South Florida.

To improve the coordination of chasing DX more effectively, SFDXA members used 2 meter FM in conjunction with the "one ringer" alerting system.  As the group grew in size and range, simplex or point to point communications no longer was adequate. 

A simple split site repeater was set up between N4XZ's QTH and W4QQN's using UHF between the two sites.  A new arrival into the area W4FLA "Sherm" as manager of the Miami Heathkit store, brought with him a packaged repeater.  Although operating on a different frequency, the group quickly migrated to the new and effective "machine".  Sherm accepted an opportunity with Heath in Benton Harbor and became K8HAM.   The SFDXA was fortunate to establish a new repeater on the channel 4 TV tower through one of our members W4WJ.  This site served the club for many years until FM broadcast interference caused a need to relocate. 

Again a fellow member came to our aid, Ed WB4HNM who was instrumental in establishing a club HF station and repeater site.  Our repeater is now located at The Florida Medical Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and was established in 1982.  Our Club HF station K4FK is also located at FMC with towers and antennas mounted on the roof. (see Club Repeater-  K4FK page).

Our goal is to further the interest in amateur radio DX communication, serve the public interest where possible, and promote high standards in amateur radio operation. The club meets bi-monthly utilizing meeting facilities of the Florida Medical Center. 

We are an American Radio Relay League affiliated club in the South Florida Section.

Consideration for membership may be submitted to the SFDXA Membership Chairperson.  For an Application go to the Online Application page.

  • Norm W4QN (Founder)
  • Jerry N4XZ
  • John (K9DX, WB4YLG)
  • Bart K4CEF
  • Bob (K9RN, W9BLT) [SK]
  • Bob K4MZU
  • Andy K4ARA [SK]
  • Ernie K4RD [SK]
  • Ham W4ZR [SK]
  • Don W4WJ
  • Joe  (W4IR, WB4OSN)
  • Vic N4TO (SK)
  • Fred K4LQ
  • "Sherm" (W2FLA, W4FLA)
  • Lon W4AFS

  • Pete N8PR
  • Matt K4KIU
  • Roger N4RR
  • Roger W4LEX
  • Vant (K4LM, WB4CTC)
  • Roy W9KA
  • Larry W4AAV [SK]
  • Shel N4AM
  • Jake K4CDB
  • Cliff N4CN [SK]
  • Jim W4QO (logo designer)
  • Gene W4OO [SK]
  • Steve W4ITD
  • Bill W5OG [SK]
  • Jerry K9BG [SK]