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Date PresentedName of PresentationAuthor/Presenter
Jan-08 2020
Propagation by Colors - Use HamCAP to compare the range of various modes
Kai Siwiak, KE4PT
Jul-10-2019Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) Propagation with an ARES SlantPresented by "Gil" Gillinghan, W1RG
1-May 2019Hurricane Recovery with NF4A - HamNation #388Introduced by Pete Rimmel, N8PR
Mar-26-2019New Zealand Adventure: Redux 2018 [to GCARA]Kai Siwiak, KE4PT
Mar-06-2019Meteorscatter VHF CommsRandy Shirley, N4QV
Jan-02-2019The Sun and Cycle 25Pete Rimmel, N8PR
Nov-07-2018N4II Dalmation Plantation Antenna Farm DesignEd Callaway, N4II
Sep-05-2018Battery Technology and Amateur RadioTony Gawel, W6TNY
Jul-11-2018FT8 - a new WSJT-X modeRandy Shirley, N4QV
2-May 2018Live Trees Affect Antenna PerformanceKai Siwiak, KE4PT
7-Mar 2018The ARRL RF Safety CommitteeKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Jan-03-2018The CW Advantage and Introducing CW AcademyJim M. Talens, N3JT, and John R. Silva, N3AM
Sep-26-2017Ham Software for Digital Modes and HF Propagation Prediction [rev2:2018-Apr]Kai Siwiak, KE4PT
May-01-2017DXing Software & Planning for a QRP AdventureKai Siwiak, KE4PT
1 Mar-2017ARRL OO ProgramAl Flapan, KN4FA
Jan-24-2017Multi-band Antenna Strategies for EmComm - to GCARAKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Jan-04-2017The eQSL System and AwardsDave Morris, N9UF
Nov-02-2016To Balun or not to BalunRich, W4RQ & Kai, KE4PT
Nov-2016QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-8 - Antenna patterns with a calculatorKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Sep-07-20163-D Printing for Amateur RadioDon Drennon, N4TZH
Jul-06-2016Lightning! Part-2 protect your radio equipmentJohn Stucka, N3JM
May-04-2016Intrepid DX South Sandwich and South Georgia Expeditions, slidesNorm Alexander, W4QN
May-02-2016ANTENNAS – Wires, Verticals and Arrays - presented to DCARCPete Rimmel, N8PR
Apr-2016QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-VII - Propagation over Rough EarthKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Mar-02-2016DX aides - Past and PresentNorm Alexander, W4QN
Feb-2016QST: Radio Wave Propagation-How Waves Attenuate with DistanceKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Jan-06-2016Lightning!John Stucka, N3JM
Nov-04-2015Video report, Ham Radio Now-2015: Dayton DX Forum Part 3 - K1N NavassaPete Rimmel, N8PR
Nov-04-2015FT5ZM DXpedition Pileup - 1/14 Video by Pete, N8PRPete Rimmel, N8PR
Oct-27-2015Propagation - It's not always FreeSpace [to GCARA]Kai Siwiak, KE4PT
Oct-2015QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-VI - Propagation from the Ground UpKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Oct-2015Using Digital Modes on the Fly: Checklists [to QCWA and DCARC]Kai Siwiak, KE4PT
Sep-02-2015ZF2EM DXpedition reportPete Rimmel, N8PR
Sep-02-2015OZ1AA-NA-bike-trek reportPete Rimmel, N8PR
Jul-08-2015Landline and Radio Telegraphy History and Exhibit.Robert Feeny, KG4UGG
May-26-2015Amateur Digital Modes the Easy Way [to GCARA]Kai Siwiak, KE4PT
May-06-2015Update: “Amateur Radio at the National Hurricane Center WX4NHC”Julio Ripoll, WD4R
Apr-2015QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-V - Urban PropagationKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Mar-09-2015Grayline Propagation, or FL– Cocos Keeling on 80m - WWROF webinarEd Callaway, N4II
Mar-05-2015DXlab Logging Software and Report on CQ DX MarathonNorm Alexander, W4QN
Jan-30-2015JT65: DXing with Joe Taylor - SFDXA Forum, Miami HamfestPete Rimmel, N8PR
Jan-07-2015A New Zealand QRP AdventureKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Jan-07-2015W1AW/4 at N8PR: Station & RTTY operationsPete Rimmel, N8PR
Oct-2014QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-IV - loop near fieldsKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Sep-03-2014ARRL Centennial Report andPete Rimmel, N8PR
WRTC report
Sep-03-20142005-2006 Operation from IraqCarlos Vega, N4THW
Sept-2014First ever EME operation from US Virgin Islands - QST September 2014Pete Rimmel, N8PR, and Bill Druzilla, NZ5N
Jul-15-2014Broward County ARES/RACES meeting; Improvised Antennas for EmergenciesKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Jul-09-2014Out of this World Antenna MeasurementsKai Siwiak, KE4PT
9-July 2014Scouting and Ham RadioShelly Weil, K2BS
9-July 2014Status of Trans-Atlantic 2M QuestSebastian Acosta, W4AS
May-07-2014Hi Performance RX Antenna for a Small LotCarlos DaSilva, N4IS
Apr-2014QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-III - Hiker dipoleKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Mar-05-2014W4DN's Photo tour of 2014 Miami HamboreeDon Drennon, N4TZH
Mar-05-2014ARRL at 100 - A century of Ham Radio, VideoARRL
Feb-01-2014WRTC-2014 presentation: Miami HamboreeDan Street, K1TO
Jan-08-2014Solar magnetism, wind, sunspots, AurorasPete Rimmel, N8PR
Jan-08-2014Two months of solar activityRich Rosen, K2RR
Dec-2013QST: How Much “Punch” Can You Get from Different Modes?Kai Siwiak, KE4PT, and Bruce Pontius, N0ADL
Nov-08-2013WSJT-X & JT-ALERTSebastian Acosta, W4AS
Nov-08-2013Remote Base Operation: RemoteShack John Troy, KI4YUM
Oct-2013QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica-II - Wave-interferenceKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Sep-04-201380m Grayline Propagation:  FL– Cocos KeelingEd Callaway, N4II
Jul-10-2013Inside: Decommissioned VOA, Delano CARich Rosen, K2RR
May-01-2013Antenna Support StructuresMickey Baker, N4MB
Apr-2013QRP-Quarterly: Ionospherica - The Big Solar PictureKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Mar-06-2013Running Your First CQ DXMike Raskin, W4UM
Jan-09-2013Easy Digi Easy RTTYKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Nov-07-2012Video: DXpeditions of the year 1993-2007Bob Allphin, K4UEE
Jul-11-2012Photos and news: Dayton 2012 HamfestDon Drennon, N4TZH
Jul-11-2012Experiences of ARRL and W1AW visitPete Rimmel, N8PR
Jul-2012QRP-Quarterly: Loop antenna efficiencyKai, KE4PT, and Amir, K9CHP
May-02-2012Video: Virtual tour of ARRL HQDavid Fowler, K4DLF
Apr-2012QRP-Quarterly: KE4PT Off-Center-End-Fed dipole and DX go bag station also: OCEF ADDENDUMKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Mar-07-2012Antenna Modeling comparison of EZNEC & NECWIN+Norm Alexander, W4QN
Jan-04-2012Software defined radios.Sebastian Acosta, W4AS
Nov-02-2011Tower Safety, Coax & RF Fittings, Network AnalyzersMark Lavallee, AC4UV
Oct-08-2011Dinner and Presentation on DX his activitiesVladimir Bykov, UA4WHX
Sep-07-20111. “Amateur Radio at the National Hurricane Center WX4NHC”Julio Ripoll, WD4R
2. “WX4NHC Haiti Earthquake mission”
Jul-12-2011Lightning Strike and EMP at KE4PTKai Siwiak, KE4PT
Jul-06-2011Presentation on Dayton 2011 HamfestSteve Romagni, W4DTA
May-04-2011The Ins and Out of eQSL.ccDave Morris, N9UF
Mar-02-2011Working the Easy SatsBill Rafus, KD4FRB
Mar-02-2011Working DX from SatellitesBill Dzurilla, NZ5N
Nov-2010Enjoy DXing with a Modest StationKai Siwiak, KE4PT
May-05-2004Making a Low Band (160 m) LoopPete Rimmel, N8PR