DX Hog Award


recipient is generally considered a nice ham except in pileups, and


recipient is usually a considerate operator except when chasing DX, and


recipient is known to work the DX first and then spot it on the cluster, and


recipient has been known to display a piggish attitude in working them first,

HEREAFTER AND ALWAYS shall recipient be entitled to be called a DX HOG !

The recipient MUST display this award in a prominent place in the recipient’s Ham Shack. If this award is not found in the shack by fellow member DX Hogs, recipient shall be liable to buy said member the beverage of their choice.

Signed, verified and attested to by the DX HOG Committee Chairman – W.E. Snortum

This award is presented during the Annual DX dinner, or other suitable forum, and has been a traveling award since 1980.

The FINE PRINT: The newly installed DX HOG can negate the consequences of the last requirement, i.e. having to buy the other DX hogs drinks for non-display of the HOG in the Shack in only one way: recipient must wear the honorable DX HOG HAT for the duration of the Hamfest while in and or around the Hamfest premises.

Previous Recipients


1980K4KUZ "MIkum" (now W4UM)
1981KA2DIV Grant (N4GM SK)
1982K4CEF "Barm"
1983WB4BBH Frank (NA4CW)
1984K1ZX Jim White (K4OJ) (SK)
1985WB4OSN Joe (W4IR)
1986K8UNP Pete (N8PR)
1987K4MF Gary
1988K2PEQ Bill (W2CQ)
1989AA2X Harry (SK)
1990K2EWB Leon
1991K8PXG John (K4WJ)
1992W5OG Bill (SK)
1993N4TO Vic (SK)
1994W2FZY "Fuzzy" (SK)
1995KR4GJ Scott (W4PJ)
1996WA4YLD Tom (SK)
1997No Award Issued
1998K4LM Vant
1999W3AZD Don
2000No Award Issued
2001W4DTA Steve "Estaban"
2002W4OV Bruce (W4OVU)
2003WA4WTG "Kappy"
2004W4BP Ron
2005W1RG "Gil"
2006W4QN Norm
2007K2AU Mark
2008W4DN Dave
2009N4RU Ray
2010N4II Ed
2011KB2TZ Elliot
2012NZ5N Bill
2013KE4PT Kai
2014W9IL Lou
2015WB3ANE Hope
2016K2SHA John
2017K4MME Denise
2018N4QV Randy